The Huntington Beach City Council will vote on the Poseidon CUP and OPA on February 27. Be sure to attend and be counted.

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We Are: Residents For Responsible Desalination

Residents For Responsible Desalination is a diverse group of residents from Huntington  Beach and surrounding communities who have joined together to educate the public about the Poseidon desalination plant proposed to be built next to and to  operate jointly with the AES power plant in Huntington Beach.

We believe sea water desalination should not replace conservation or reclamation and reuse of water,  and should not harm the ocean environment, should not damage local property values, neighborhood residential communities, or our tourist economy, and should not diminish local public control of our vital water resources.

We believe that the Poseidon proposal for Huntington Beach fails on all these points.

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Huntington Beach hotels and AES plant

Comments on the Poseidon Draft Environmental Environmental Impact Report

1)’Project Description’ and ‘Alternatives Analysis’ is Unnecessarily Narrow and Consequently Inadequate for Fully Informed Decisions

As noted in public comments on the original EIR, this recirculated EIR (REIR) fails to adequately analyze “wastewater reclamation” and “water conservation” as alternative supplies of freshwater for the affected area. The EIR instead attempts to describe the potential for increase conservation under the “no Project” alternative. Most importantly, the inadequate consideration of these feasible alternatives does not include a comparison of the environmental impacts, both positive and negative, of pursuing these alternatives over a massive desalination facility. Furthermore, a more accurate assessment of alternatives available to meet projected future water demands would allow a mix of conservation, reclamation and a smaller desalination facility with environmentally preferable sour water intake alternatives to the AES cooling water intake.

As in the original EIR, the draft REIR narrowly defines the purpose of the project as “local” in nature. We can only predict that the Response to Comments will again rely on this narrow project description to argue that reclamation and conservation are contingent upon imported water supplies and consequently do not meet the purposes of the narrow project description so as to effectively preclude any reasonable alternatives to balanced and reliable water supply portfolio. This narrow and specious approach undermines the intent of CEQA to offer the public full disclosure of the impacts of the project compared with those of dfeasible alternatives.

Excerpts from comments on the Poseidon desalination EIR written by the California Coastal Protection Network. These comments are on file with the city of Huntington Beach

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